Harsh police measures hinder strongly needed dialogue between opposition and government

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9. Dezember 2015
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9. Dezember 2015

After exceptional police measures against opposition MPs in Kosovo Ulrike Lunacek, the European Parliament’s standing rapporteur for relations with Kosovo, is urging all involved parties to step down escalation:

„The harsh police measures against opposition MPs in Kosovo during the last days are fueling further anger instead of getting a strongly needed dialogue between government and opposition going. I urge both opposition and government representatives to return to a peaceful way of solving problems and doing politics, and to constructive work at the negotiating table, for ex. by taking into account the Osmani/Deda proposal presented weeks ago by the two MPs.

Apart from that, Assembly work needs to be done by elected representatives before the end of the year. Let me also remind everyone that the Constitutional Court will take its decision on the Association of Serb municipalities in January.

I reiterate my strong condemnation of violent acts like using teargas and pepper spray or throwing eggs. Nevertheless, the arrests and the way they are done, incl. without a transparent procedure in the Assembly officially lifting the immunity of MPs (even though this can be regarded as according to legal provisions), put in danger the overall legitimacy of the Republic of Kosovo’s institutions. I appeal to all actors to act for the good of Kosovo in a responsible way supporting a peaceful exit from this crisis.“